Interview with Young actor Eyob Dawit


FDRE Council of Constitutional Inquiry held the main hearing meeting where a few legitimate specialists sent amicus curiae brief on the procedure of established understanding identified with the deferment of the national decisions. 


On the initial meeting of the consultation brief held at Sheraton inn a composed amicus curiae brief arranged by four legitimate specialists; Dr. Solomon Ayele (Human Rights Expert), Dr. Yontan Tesfaye Fiseha (Constitutional master from South Africa), Dr. Adem Kassie (protected master from the Netherlands), and Dr. Zemelak Aytenew (Law speaker at AAU) has been introduced. 


In his introductions for his associates, Dr. Solomon underlined that constitution is extraordinary for it is better than all laws which sway political, social, and financial circles of a specific nation. 


The translation procedure is a notable sacred marvel that made a chance to put the foundation for the democratization procedure of the nation. The consultation is driven by the administrator of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry Meaza Ashenafi including the cooperation of individuals from the board.

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