Aba Gebre Meskel on The current situations of the world


Having said any vote based constitution doesn't permit the legislature to settle on its residency, Professor Andreas said the delay of the decisions and treatment of current conditions need a great deal of discussions among the administration, going after ideological groups, and the overall population. 


He said the administration has a lion's offer in taking care of national issues including the races during time hardships like the present Pandemic. Envoy Abdulaziz Mohammed, who participated in the endorsement of the constitution, to his part, said there won't be a force vacuum for individuals from the parliament are intrinsically endowed with dealing with national issues including handling of the pandemic until the following races are held. 


Dr. Tesema Gaddisa who was one of the individuals from the then protected endorsement board, to his part said the political decision is set as an obligatory arrangement in the record. "Since some political and human rights are restricted during a highly sensitive situation order dependent on Article 93 (1)" said Ambassador Abdulaziz including "the delay of the decisions is adequate" 


The most elevated authority of the legislature, the parliament mutually with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia chooses what will be finished during the time of delay of the political race, Ambassador Abdulaziz underlined.

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