The incident happened in Tigray And TPLF


Gathering of Constitutional Inquiry held a formal review this evening with individuals from the Constitution Drafting Commission and specialists who had jobs recorded as a hard copy of the current constitution. Diplomat Taye Atskeselassie, who was an individual from the Constitution Drafting Commission, said: "no constitution imagines power vacuum." 


He included that the event of catastrophes, starvation, and outside hostility were raised during the drafting of the constitution, however not in such extraordinary and uncommon identity. Results of intensity vacuum are dangerous for Ethiopia, Ambassador Taye stated, including that "extraordinary occasions call for excellent measures." 


As indicated by him, the constitution ought to be taken completely not in single articles. This will assist with seeing the center columns. Previous Addis Ababa University President, Professor Andreas Eshete said the exhaustive conversation with the concerned bodies is fundamental since it could remain longer than a year or something like that. 


Andreas contends that vesting upon the House of Federation to choose such issues isn't right for it is unjustifiable for anybody incapacity to settle on the destiny of its capacity. Established Assemblymember, Dr. Tessema Gaddisa said on his part the issue of filling power vacuum during the antagonistic starvation, for instance, was raised during the procedure, however, the political race was considered as the obligatory arrangement of coming to control.

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