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Chebera Chuchura National Park is situated inside the SNNP state western side of the focal Omo Gibe bowl, between the Dawro Zone and Konta Special Woreda, 460 km southwest of Addis Ababa covering a zone of 1215 km2. 


The recreation center is special in its profoundly heterogeneous and uneven territory, hardly any level grounds, undulating to moving fields with the chiseled waterway and perpetual streams, valley, and canyons. 


As per the data acquired from the Dawro Zone Culture, Tourism and Sports Office, having various waterways, streams and little maker lakes like Keriballa, Shasho, and Koka, the recreation center is home for various wild lives, 37 bigger warm-blooded creatures and 237 types of winged creatures have been recorded in various natural surroundings like in Highland and Riverine backwoods, savanna, and bushlands of the recreation center.

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