The number of cases registered in Ethiopia raise to 317


Negating the current State of Emergency (SoE) the legislature has authorized to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has placed enthusiastically an updated lodging rent costs on its representatives, constraining them to pay up to 900 percent more in their month to month lease costs, The Reporter has learnt. 


As indicated by inhabitants living in the lodgings under the express telecaster's control, the association's choice became effective in March and occupants have just been compelled to pay, in light of the recently updated month to month lease, cut from their March and April pay rates. 


The occupants, who have been leaving there for 10 to 20 years situated in Zenebework zone in the premises of the previous Ethiopian Radio, disclosed to The Reporter that the most recent choice of their manager was unreasonable and has come at an inappropriate time. Also, the current SoE assigns clear arrangements that forestall house proprietors (private and state) from expanding rent against their individual clients until the pandemic has passed. 


One of the occupants, who mentioned to stay unknown, said the administration's choice has come without thinking about the representative's real circumstance, of which most acquire low pay rates. As indicated by sources, EBC claims 100 houses everywhere throughout the nation and 50 houses in Addis Ababa in various sizes, inside the Former Radio Ethiopia compound in Jimma Ber, South West of Addis Ababa. 


As per the data The Reporter got from occupants, the new change of lease cost remembers for houses which charge 138 birr for every month which has now been expanded to 1,000 birr. A two room house with a month to month lease of 182 birr flooded to 1,600 birr for each month.

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