Things found in ehet maryame house after police search


Specifically twofold confronted online networking "activists" are taking a stab at dissolving the social textures that hold Ethiopians together. As opposed to leveling productive reactions and for the most part going about as a power for good they are determined to intensifying made issues to agitate the administration and comrades really covetous to serve the general population. 


This isn't the means by which one ought to approach earning open help. Furthermore, regardless of whether it succeeds, it is bound to be brief. The main alternative that will work is to empower the individuals of Ethiopia to appreciate the products of majority rule government, harmony, and flourishing. 


Attempting to usurp power or extending one's authoritative reach through extra-sacred methods is adept to come full circle in disappointment. History is loaded with instances of rulers that reached a despicable conclusion subsequent to step this way. Ethiopians are solid with regards to protecting their cherished country's endurance. Anybody risking the nation's solidarity is setting out on a crash course with its kin. That is the reason it is of the substance to take advantage of with two hands the lucky break that the progressing changes in Ethiopia offers.

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