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Marked by Ethiopia's Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew and conveyed to the UN Security Council,(UNSC), Ethiopia said it "doesn't have lawful commitment" to look for Egypt's endorsement to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). It likewise censured Egypt for the stagnation of GERD arrangements. 


The letter was a reaction to Egypt's prior move to take the issue to the UNSC by submitting 17 pages letter in which it solicited Ethiopia to stop the filling from the GERD. The most recent improvement is going on in the setting of slowed down trilateral talks between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan both because of its impacts, however more so after Ethiopia has would not partake in the US interceded talks. 


The primary stage-filling of GERD's supply has demonstrated particularly disagreeable and has seen Sudan backtrack on tolerating Ethiopia's April 2020 proposition. Be that as it may, Ethiopia stays firm and said arrangements were finished to start the primary stage-filling as of the coming July 2020. As per Ethiopia's proposition of April 10/2020, the principal stage-filling, which is booked to take two years to finish, will see the dam up to 595 meters above ocean level and permit its store to hold 18.4 billion cubic meters. 


FM Gedu's letter to the UNSC further clarified Ethiopia's situation in April. "This stockpiling is intended to start testing the force plant – successfully discharging the water downstream. Moreover, the impoundment is completed in two years with 4.9 billion cubic meters of water in the principal year and 13.5 [billion] cubic meters of water in the subsequent year. This volume of water taken from the normal stream 49 billion cubit meters of the Blue Nile causes no critical mischief on downstream repositories.

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