Interview with Dr Henok, Medical Director of Amanuel Hospital


In addition, the standards for first stage-filling are not the making of Ethiopia. Or maybe, they are taken from the non-dubious areas of the whole 'rules and rules' turned out to be by the three nations." 


"As appeared above, Ethiopia doesn't have a legitimate commitment to look for endorsement of Egypt to fill the Dam. Besides, the impoundment of 18.4 billion cubic meters in two rounds makes no huge damage to Egypt. Thusly, Ethiopia is in full consistence with the DoP and made a momentous and liberal motion in offering consent to Egypt." 


Ethiopia likewise blames Egypt for "tireless block" against the continuation of profitable talks. Starting late, the Foreign Minister has been vocal about the absence of progress in agreeing with Egypt. In February he blamed the US for endeavoring to pressure Ethiopia into choosing troublesome terms. "In the discussions held in Washington, D.C., around mid-February, we were constrained to rapidly agree and sign an arrangement before settling exceptional issues," he said. 


In his message the UNSC, FM Gedu delineated the GERD as a venture that would right a recorded wrong. "Ethiopia was required to just produce and convey the water, yet never to contact it. This unreasonable situation can't proceed and should be changed."

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