Interview with families who lost their daughter


Leader Abiy Ahmed asked people in general to keep away from smugness and hold fast to the rules turned out by the administration and the World Health Organization (WHO). On his Facebook message tended to on Sunday, the Prime Minister said the moderate pace of contamination in Ethiopia has offered ascend to unwarranted presumptions that the infection won't influence Ethiopia. 


Such carelessness is making an expanding number of individuals give less consideration to the measures important to forestall the spread, especially social removing and standard washing of hands, he expressed. "It would be a grave mix-up in the event that we neglect to gain from the mistakes made by other people who are presently paying the consequences as far as lives lost, the commotion in their social insurance administration part, and the extreme harm to their economies," he said. 


In spite of the lack of concern of the general population, the Prime Minister stated, the quantity of individuals who have influenced by the coronavirus is expanding step by step. He, in this way, encouraged individual residents to stay away from smugness and hold fast to the rules under any situation. It has been two months since the principal instance of the disease was affirmed in Ethiopia. The number has now arrived at 317. 


Ethiopian competitors partook in the main ever virtual race which occurred on Saturday planned for raising money to help the battle against the pandemic. Somewhere in the range of 1,000 Ethiopian competitors, including famous competitors like Derartu Tulu, Tirunesh Dibaba, and Kenenisa Bekele have partaken in the virtual race sorted out by the Grand African Run in Washington D.C.

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