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The Recreation of Lalibela

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The residential area of Lalibela in Ethiopia is home to one of the world’s most amazing hallowed locales: eleven shake slashed holy places, each cut completely out of a solitary square of rock with its rooftop at ground level.

Were it not for these remarkable holy places, Lalibela would more likely than not be fortunate the vacationer radar. A dusty provincial town settled into moving wide open, Lalibela just as of late got power. It has few mechanized vehicles, no corner stores, and no cleared avenues. Disengaged from the cutting edge world, the town continues on ahead much as it has for a few hundred years.

Of Lalibela’s 8-10,000 individuals, more than 1,000 are ministers. Religious custom is vital to the life of the town, with standard parades, broad actualities, hordes of singing and moving ministers. This, joined with its remarkable religious engineering and straightforwardness of life, gives the city of Lalibela an unmistakably immortal, relatively scriptural air.

Over the years lots of people are trying to fix Lalibela from being demolished by nature. This priest is trying to do that.

You will be amazed by what this priest is doing.


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